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Cargo Van Rental

Orange County Van Rental is a premier provider of Cargo Van Rentals in Orange County. One of the most common types of van rental requests we fulfill is forSNA Cargo Van Rental. Renting a Cargo Van from SNA is the ideal way to bring home a lot of luggage or pick up large cargo packages from the airport. Our Newer Cargo Vans are fully loaded with automatic transmission, air conditioner, and CD player. The vans hold two passengers in the front seats and has enough room for five full sized pieces of luggage in the back (or the equivalent size of cargo packages). For travelers who are away for long periods of time, bringing two large pieces of luggage is a necessity, not a luxury. Unfortunately, standard cars (and even many SUVs) are not large enough to accommodate more than two full size suitcases. When traveling in a group of two or more people, transporting luggage to and from SNA can become a huge hassle.

Orange County Rental John Wayne Airport Cargo Van Rental can make your transport to and from the John Wayne Airport easy and convenient. For two people traveling with large suitcases, the cargo rental van is an ideal choice. For our customers’ convenience, we even have drop-off van option during our office’s “off-hours.” Being able to drop off the Cargo Van at any time makes renting from us an easy experience. Instead of worrying about the rental company’s schedule, you can drop off your cargo van at whatever hour you need to. This is perfect for anyone taking red eye flights from SNA, and sets us apart from competitors since many other Orange County van rental companies do not provide off-hours van drop-off.

Orange County cargo van rentals are ideal rental vehicles for a number of different uses including moving, SNA airport pickup and drop-off, band gigs and other heavy duty equipment transport. When looking for a Cargo Van Rental in a sprawling city like Irvine, one important thing to look out for is how many miles you are allowed to drive the van during the rental period. Some Orange County Cargo van rental companies charge mileage fees for Cargo Van Rentals, which can add a large chunk of additional fees on top of the quoted rental rates. This is especially pertinent for individuals renting a cargo van for moving in or out of the Orange County area, since multiple trips to move households quickly eats into a mileage allotment. Unlike many of the other van rental companies,Orange County Van Rental makes cargo van rentals easy and affordable.