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In early times, local Indians thrived on the rich coastal lands and freshwater canyon lakes that made up the area they named Lagonas, for ‘lake.’ 

By the late 1800s, visitors were making an annual pilgrimage on rutted trails through the canyons to camp at Laguna Beach each summer. By the time painter Norman St. Claire visited from San Francisco in 1903, Laguna already had become a popular tourist destination with a hotel: The Hotel Laguna.

Like tourists of any era, St. Claire returned home with glowing reports and landscape paintings that led his artist friends to follow him south. It wasn’t long before Plein Air artists like William Wendt and California marine artist Frank Cuprien moved to Laguna Beach. Within a few years, Laguna Beach had a permanent population of about 300 people-half of whom were artists.

The early Depression years weren’t kind to the art community, and in 1932 the Festival of Arts staged its first show near Hotel Laguna, hoping to draw some additional business to town after the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Artist and vaudevillian Lolita Perine added ‘living pictures’ to the festival, launching the tradition of the Pageant of the Masters. During World War II, servicemen stationed in the area became acquainted with the Orange County coast-and many of them came back to live later on.

Laguna’s universal allure is best expressed on a famous gate built in 1935 that today stands at the corner of Forest and Park Avenues. It reads, “This gate hangs well and hinders none, refresh and rest, then travel on.”

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