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People who know this area well sometimes refer to Tustin as “The City of the Trees.” Although a variety of trees are responsible for this nickname, this is a distinctive quality of the area which dates back centuries, actually to the time of the early Spanish explorers. The first Europeans in Orange County came with the Portola Expedition in 1769. This expedition, which had two padres (including Father Juan Crespi) and a small contingent of the army, set out north to establish the string of missions throughout California. (Father Serra, who was in charge of this project, was not along on this expedition, remaining in San Diego to establish the mission there.) A few years later, the early Spanish Grijalva scouting party (The Anza Expedition, 1776) identified the area from Santiago Creek to Red Hill as El Alisal, the Sycamore Grove. At that time, the land was dotted with massive, white-barked sycamore trees. It is of some note that three of the massive trees still exist, although today they are on private property.

The reason trees grew here was the same one which attracted Indians and then the early settlers – the availability of a dependable water supply, some of it from natural artesian wells that flowed from the ground. The water certainly attracted Juan Pablo Grijalva, who, in 1810, received a grant to use it for ranching. Over the next generations, the land was divided between family members. In 1868, when a dispute within the family over ownership could not be resolved, the land was partitioned to be sold.

Today, almost all the orchards are gone; now Tustin is an urban area. However, if you know where to look, you can still see signs of the City’s proud history. Historic old buildings, some dating back to the 1880s, are maintained in “Old Town” on Main Street and El Camino Real. The museum shows a living history of those times gone by. And there’s more: three trees yet remain of those original massive sycamores. And finally, everywhere lining the streets, one still sees trees, trees and more trees in Tustin, The City of Trees.

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